Max Andrews Upcoming Podcast Debate with Justin Scheiber

Max Andrews is exceedingly brilliant, seems to have a wonderfully sanctified mind as well as heart and is, in my opinion, one we do well to keep our eyes on for the future of Christian apologetics.
From Max’s site:

During the month of June I will be debating Justin Schieber from Reasonable Doubts on the question: “Does the Christian God Exist?”. The debate is designed for a very substantive and rigorous interaction and exchange. The whole debate will be posted online closer to the end of June. The format will be“:

  1. 20 min. Opening (Max)
  2. 20 min. Opening (Mr. Schieber)
  3. 15 min. Rebuttal (Max)
  4. 15 min. Rebuttal (Mr. Schieber)
  5. 10 min. Second Rebuttal (Max)
  6. 10 min. Second Rebuttal (Mr. Schieber)
  7. 5 min. Closing (Max)
  8. 5 min. Closing (Mr. Schieber)

The only downside to the debate is that the format takes away from the spirit of a live interaction. However, there are many perks to this. The time in between recordings will allow for a full, robust response from each of us. I anticipate this to be a very, very good exchange with thorough explications of the arguments. A transcript of the debate with our sources will also be made available.”

“Mr. Schieber and I have always had an amicable relationship and exchange online. In addition to an excellent debate, I anticipate this to be an example and model of a loving pursuit for truth. I can stand with you, though we don’t see the same. I want you to know the love that set me free. I don’t worship a concept–I follow a King. We walk the waters to bridge the gap between lives and separate sides.”

Our prayers are with you Max!

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