Just Because…

He was a burning and shining light...” – John 5:35

Jesus’ words regarding John the Baptist testify to the alluring combination of both intelligence and passion. I personally cannot help but look with both hope and admiration at those philosophers, apologists and truth-seekers who likewise hold a similar confluence of personal qualities.

To that admiration, I devote this quiet, but intense little corner of the blogosphere.

Intended primarily as a repository for debates, lectures and presentations for my own reference, if you’re of a mind, poke around a bit. I have appreciation for all philosophical interests, and I see good and not-so-good in both presuppositional and classical/evidentialist apologetic methodologies.


It is often observed that “all truth is God’s truth“. This blog is a humble attempt to glean, gather and appreciate passionate, lively defense of the truth from the Christian worldview.

Because if Truth exists in our universe, then nothing demands more passion then the articulation and defense of that Truth.


So this blog will contain little of drawn-out, dispassionate theoreticalism. Rather limitation will be made to include only the most demonstrably living and passionately relevant expressions of dialogue and debate.

For the sake of the one in whom “we live and move and have our being” – Acts 17:28


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