Is there a “Defense” for the “Terror Texts” of Joshua?

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Is there a “Defense” for the “Terror Texts” of Joshua?

Atheism specifically (and culture generally) seeks to incite scorn against the biblical narrative via the commands, especially in the book of Joshua, to exterminate the inhabitants of the promised land.

How do we answer this? Is there a defense we can utilize that doesn’t on the one hand sentimentalize, or on the other, sanction “Jihad”?

Michael Horton is sensitive to the layered, more dimensional approach to answering this concern. His appreciation of the covenantal, progressively revealed and Christocentric nature of the biblical narrative is crucial, and in my opinion, accurate.

The shallow evangelical, Dispensational and neo-Zionist approach is nearly as intolerable as is Islam in an effort to seriously and satisfactorily address the issue.

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The Bias of Current Social Sciences, Natural Law and the Decline of Culture

The Edge of the Wilderness

Are the Social Sciences Unbiased?

The myth of neutrality and objectivity in the Social Sciences.   True objectivity would only generate immense validation of Natural Law, biblical ethics in culture, and they just cannot allow that of co

urse.  So biased with a passion they must stay – or capitulate the the moral supremacy of the guiding principles, and universal transcendent moral values in biblical ethics.

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Book Review: Walton’s The Lost World of Genesis One

Book Review: Walton’s The Lost World of Genesis One

Prayson Daniel’s observation on an idea that could be a cosmological game-changer.

Important reading.

Subject- the material vs functional view of origins. This is an example of how systematic theology without a rich logical priority of exegetical theology can lead amiss. What was the intent of the author to the original recipients of Genesis? We dismiss this vital query to our own epistemological peril.

With All I Am

The Lost World of Genesis“Creations’ debate game changer” is my four words review of John H. Walton’s 192-paged InterVarsity Press published book The Lost World of Genesis One (2009). Noting that the Old Testament was not written to us but for us, Walton returned us to the lost and forgotten ancient Jews to whom the Testament was written to. He, thus, invites us to decipher Jewish ancient cosmology as they would have had understood it. The result, if true, is a game changer in American heating up creations-debate.  It renders the whole debate not only unnecessarily but misguided in the first place.

Walton summons us to interpret ancient Jewish cosmology as they would have understood it. He wrote: “We gain nothing by bringing God’s revelation into accordance with today’s science. In contrast, it makes perfect sense that God communicated his revelation to his immediate audience in terms they understood.”(Walton 2009: 15) He invites us…

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The Enlightenment’s Unskeptical Disciples

The undeniable and inevitable connection between ideology and action. No tradition, worldview or philosophy exists in a perfect vacuum of theory. Every idea that captures the heart, has its fountain and emission.
“Keep your heart above all that you keep. For out of it flow the issues of life” – King Solomon.

Fide Dubitandum

“The only way, really, to pursue a godlessness in good conscience is to forget history.”

– David Bentley Hart

In context, I found this a deeply penetrating statement about the condition of the current discussion between theists and materialists. What is that context? I highly recommend the full talk, but it can be summarized as follows:

The claim was never true, but it was (in some ways) understandable that Enlightenment thinkers would believe that a society liberated from all belief in transcendence would achieve new heights of prosperity and morality–that enough education, or the right social programs, would do what religion could not.

Now that we are living in the wake of the bloodiest century in all of human history, it takes a deep lack of curiosity (or downright willful ignorance), to believe that a godless society is the unqualified good to be zealously pursued that so many proclaim…

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Really Recommended Posts 1/10/14- Divergent, marriage, Boghossian, and more!

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snowl-owl-post-arpingstoneDear readers: As a thank you for stopping by, check out my latest “Really Recommended Posts.” Here, we’ll look at the Young Adult book Divergent (coming to theaters soon!), marriage, Augustine, abortion, Boghossian’s atheist propaganda, and some great free Bible inserts for apologetics. Check ’em out. As always, feel free to drop your own Really Recommended Posts by leaving a comment with your recommendation (and why). Also, feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts on any of these posts.

Free E-Book Download: Peter Boghossian, Atheist Tactician– Let me tell you right now, you should immediately download and start reading this free e-book. It is a response to Peter Boghossian’s A Manual For Creating Atheists. Boghossian is intentionally trying to destroy Christianity and proselytize for atheism. I have not finished the book yet, but what I have read has been excellent. It comes with my recommendation.


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